Welcome to my world of bikes

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For those of whom who do not know me that well, I do a great deal of biking. By biking, I mean motorbikes are my passion and I have no desire to end that in the near future. Of course, I do get tempted, in fact seduced by other bikes and as a result, when no one else is around, I browse chrome on the net. Cool dude huh?

But the main problem is that not many of the current motorbikes ignite much interest. Of course, they are eco-friendly, cool, sleek, fast but what they lack is that soul. Besides, I am not someone who likes to glide over 150 mph….so my attention is still with the older bikes.

And when I stumble across a beaut, I will keep you guys posted and try to post that picture. And if I ever get down to build one (someday), I will post that too….

As a matter of fact, I look pretty cool with my shirt off. Not that I'm going to post that image, as I am a bit old for that – I would have done it, if I am a bit younger and I would have all the girls drooling. Anyway, one of these days I intend to cruise "shirtless" through the city on my bike. Summing up my soft porn habit, which I am sure you would have done too – I mean staring long at somebody else’s ride and drooling. Lastly, nothing is sweeter than discussing this with your buddies over a glass of beer at the pub…

Welcome to my world of bikes… and it goes "vrooooom", just as you would imagine a motorbike would go.


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