The Yamaha Tesseract


The Yamaha Tesseract is just not a motorcycle as it is way more awesome than a plain motorcycle.

I was initially shocked to see when I was at a motorshow sometime back. If you are a true bike fanatic, then please don’t read any further as this is for those who like to experiment with their bikes.

Firstly, it has four wheels and the frame is not much bigger than a motorbike. Can you imagine - a four wheel bike? Well I could, as Yamaha is known for their experiments with their products.. Their objective was to combine the performance of a motorcycle with the stability and road safety of a car.

In addition to the four wheels, the Tesseract has two different engines – one which is gasoline and the other electrical. While the gasoline engine is a huge one, the electrical engine is there to impress biker babes and eco chicks and has an impressive performance record that comes as a bonus. By the way, it has a top speed of 200 mph.

The 4MC (four wheel motor cycle) is the original work of a company director and engineer, Nick Shotter. He had specifically designed the 4MC to get its rider through traffic safely as well as efficiently. His interest in safety originated from being injured in a road accident when working as a London motorcycle courier. The 4MC has evolved through Nick’s rigorous design process which began in 1989. In 2000 the 4MC won a DTI Smart Award for a feasibility study. Nick then introduced the 4MC to many well known manufacturers with an invitation to buy the 4MC's intellectual property (IP). Between 2004 and 2008 he built a full sized working prototype to further demonstrate the 4MC. I reckon he must have come to some arrangement with Yamaha. Anyway, thanks to both Nick and Yamaha

Please remember the Tesseract is a bike-car, if I can call that and it is already on the production line.

Who hoo…..a car and a bike, and they both perform their functions. Don’t get me wrong, I am certain the Yamaha Tesseract would be fun but I am also certain that an off road oriented quad would be even greater fun.


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